Heartbeat: Oh That’s Right! I’m Single…

Heartbeat: Oh That's Right! I'm Single

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Ugh. That’s right. I thought moving was going to be easy. I do miss all my friends and work. But why. Why when I move, all the sudden everybody (as in male everybody) wants to go out with Sara. What do I have that other girls don’t? Trust me there are A LOT of prettier girls out there. But there is this one guy who makes me feel different. Oh well why don’t we go out, you ask? He’s back there. The place where I just moved from. And you know what happened. He poured out all his feelings. How he felt about me and why he wants me to give him a chance, all of that, a day before I left for California. Right when I thought I found “the one.”

It wasn’t really long before I thought I was maybe getting together with this guy. Don’t get me wrong he is two years younger than I but relationships like that do happen .. I think ..

A couple days ago I noticed he was being a little weird when we called each other or was texting him. He would say things like ‘That’s Nice’ or ‘Cool.’ It wasn’t really him at all. But I guess I didn’t get to fully know him before it was too late. I decided to stop texting him for a couple days. He didn’t bother to text back. The only time he he did was for pictures. We all know which kind and I can proudly say my gut told me to not send them. So I didn’t.

Since I live in San Diego now, my best friend back home in Kansas sent me a text the other day. She said obviously what nobody wants to hear .. “I saw him with someone else.” I did believe it for a fact that he would be able to do that. It brought great pain to myself. You can say ‘Sara you are overreacting’ and you have all the rights to tell me so, but I think it’s fair to cry after a heartbreak or after you get so comfortable around him that you can do and say whatever or after he told you all those nice things or how we would wait after college to maybe start a life together. It was all bullcrap.

That night, I watched a couple Sherlock episodes off Netflix, ate some ice cream, cried some more, ate some pizza, cried some more and wrote a couple things I think he should know but they are currently in my draft folder.

Nobody of my friends knew for a while. I was invited over for a movie night, at the movie theaters, a couple drinks or a dinner date. Bring him over they would say. Ohhhh that’s right, I’m single.

So on Sunday, I went to Tijuana and visited a childhood friend. Since I hadn’t seen her in a couple years, we were catching up like CRAZY! I was so glad I could. She invited me to go out with her and her boyfriend. I mean it’s not like I’ve been a third wheel .. I’ve actually been a fourth wheel. It was always my best friend and I going out with our other friends who had a partner. But NOW they want me to go out with one of her guy friends. Am I ready for that? How long after a heartbreak would you wait to start going out again? I think I’ll give it a shot. Just because I trust her and because I need a break. To be with someone or stay a third wheel? I’ll see what happens on my “date night.”

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