Heartbeat: Lost for Words

Heartbeat: Lost for Words

Shared by katterinakapri.

Hello Everyone,

I know we all may or may not have our fairytale ever after as you see in cartoon movies, but could this be my or our Cinderella fairy tale?

For once, I have decided to do away with online dating sites and apps and put my mind to meeting someone like the old days, before the internet became famous in todays world – in person.

I found a job that I seem to like and really good at it, but there seems to be this one guy that I could communicate well to no matter how bad or good my day was going. He lifted me and made me think that I could conquer whatever got in my way for that day.

He came in one day and said that he was suppose to go out of state for a better a job in the country and everything. After he said that, we talked some more and a couple of days later and he came back in – I check him out at the register and as he walked to the door and said,

“Hit me up, I could you make you my wife or girlfriend or whatever”

I looked at him and said,

“Yeah, have a good day”

He took off and walked back to his destination. Did this mean anything? Was it a hint?

I asked for his number a couple days later and he did not have one, but I added him on Facebook, this was our start to getting to know one another. Our first conversation privately wasn’t bad, he was at work so we couldn’t talk as much as I would have wanted. I could understand him being at work, so I waited patiently for every reply I have replied too. He complimented me everyday and tells me everything he wish he could do while I was at work. I work at a public place so him coming in and giving me a kiss over the counter, just isn’t going to work. He doesn’t want it to be there and I don’t blame for that, but at least it will be somewhere else.

When he is at work, he takes the time out to message me and say,

“Hey sweetie im sorry I didnt get to text u rite bk…had to come to work a hour half early…..I miss u and thinking bout u sooooo much……ur so sweet and soooo damn beautiful……..”

I did not just say, “thank you,” I also took that to heart. not only because I like him, but because I knew he meant it.

I have mad feeling for him, but not sure what everyone thinks about him, not that it should matter, it’s my love life and if I am happy and he makes me happy, then the rest shouldn’t matter, right?

I am happy that I get to talk him everyday and comes to see almost everyday at work, but will my feelings change when he moves? Will I be looking down the road looking for him to show up in the window? Will I go where we talked for almost an hour and half, just to remember what it was to talk to him in person? I will miss him. I know I will miss him, because my eyes are tearing up just thinking about it. Does this mean anything?

He is suppose to be moving before this month is up, I am guessing, but I do not want him to go. Why couldn’t we meet sooner?

He has his reason for moving out of state and I am not going to explain why, he is just doing it for the better, but will be back to visit. I know he wants me to go with him.

Him: “I got you a ticket,”

Me: “ I can’t go, I would if I could“

Him: “I know”

We are talking good and no misunderstanding yet, and I am hoping there won’t be any. He is pretty much open about all the questions I have asked so far. I know he isn’t hiding a thing and he telling the truth about everything. How could I tell? Trust me, I know.

I had to work early morning to five in the afternoon and as I got off work I headed to where he worked to rest for a minute and to get a tea, but as the line began to get longer, I sat in a chair and waited for the line to get shorter. As I waited for the line to get shorter, this is what I wrote:

I headed to Church’s Chicken for a sweet tea, instead of going to McDonalds. McDonalds was on the way from me going home , but why did not stop there instead of churches chicken?

There is a God that I think it’s cute that comes in to where I work. I do not know him well, but I guess well enough enough to like him.

As a proceeded inside the store, I asked how much a small tea was and surprisingly, it was higher than my McDonald’s.

Before I could get up to pay for a small cup of tea, the guy that I like have brought me a small iced tea. I did not ask him to get me a cup of tea, but he simply took the time out to get me one. Of course they were busy but he still took that five to ten seconds out to bring me a sweet iced tea.

I had my head down scrolling through Facebook. As I saw a sweet iced tea placed in front of me, he said, “I wasn’t trying to ignore you.” I did not know what to say, besides the sane sweet thing u would always say, “no, I know, its OK,” and proceeded to ask if I needed to pay for it or if he already did.

He said, ” no, its OK, don’t worry about it.”

He went back to work and I continued with my head down writing this little note.

He might be older, but I do not think that bothers me. He is sweet and generous as far as I could tell.

I do not know what true love is, but I am hoping I can figure it out soon. Some people say

“You will know when you meet the one you’re suppose to be with – love at first sight”

Love at first sight? Maybe I am looking to hard, but when I see him everyday, I can’t help but smile and think of what’s to come in our lives. Even if there is an our in me and him.

After I got off from working two to ten Sunday, headed to his job and waited for him to get off. I did not have to wait that long, until he came to the car, so afterwards, we went to his house and sat outside talking for about an hour and a half. We did not do anything else beside talk. I did care about the time I had to get up to be at work the next morning, but simply cared to stay and talk to him.

We sat on the sidewalk watched the cars drive by and looked up at the sky every once in awhile. We talked about a measure of things and the conversation seem to just flow – one topic after another. Why was it so easy to talk and be around him? was it comfort? I was not scared to talk to him and simply said what was on my mind at all times, The key to any relationship is to communicate, so maybe this is a good thing.

Talking an hour and a half, seemed to be just the right amount of time, I had to get home to my daughter. if my mom’s boyfriend wouldn’t have woke me up, I think I would have been late to work Monday morning.

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