My Tinderella Story


Shared by the reckless romantic.

Once upon a time I decided on a rainy day that I give a chance to the new phenomenon, Tinder. It seemed like a very bad idea to simply decide on looks, I judged the whole method until I remembered how fairy tales begin. They see each other and they fall in love. This is my app then, I thought. This can be a modern day fairy tale.

I started swiping the first pages of this story book, and on the first day I had a match with a handsome prince in sunglasses and with a cute smile. He obviously felt the same kind of attraction since we ended up in the match room, and he was man enough to start the “conversation”. It went so smoothly like it was in a movie script.

Nice jokes, compliments, common ground and very good vibration. I had to leave town so we didn’t have time to set a date, but these little chats brightened my every day until I was away. I was aware of the fact that judgement day will be when we see each other in person, but it was still very comforting. I arrived back in town on a Saturday night, and I was sure that my Tinder Prince will invite me for a rendez-vous on Sunday.

Well, that was the first surprise and glitch in the story line, when he didn’t. We were chatting the whole day, but no sign for any kind of invitation. I have to say, I was a little upset by the time the afternoon shook hands with the evening light.

I am an honest person, so I noted that I will step back until he would find the way to explain why he wouldn’t want to meet. I had all the horrid versions in mind already, but I gave him a chance to explain himself.

That was the point when the bad turn came in our story…

You would expect a wicked witch, or a dragon fight to stop him from meeting me, but it was not that simple. He said that he is keeping his distance because he was not clearly honest about himself and about the fact that we were strangers. You can imagine how badly I tried to remember if I ever met him, based on a single picture and the things I knew about him by that time, but nothing rang a bell. Then he called me in a nickname that I haven’t been called in 15 years and he said that we met several times during times when he was dating a friend of mine. He said that he always looked at me with admiration and despite the fact that he knew that I was a taboo, he still thought that I would be a good woman for him.

Then 15 years passed and he saw me on this platform and he gave the right swap a try.

He said he never thought I would do the same and when I did, he never wanted to risk the fact that we finally have the chance to communicate.

I was in a shock. I tried not to loose my temper and he was keep explaining how he felt like there are chances in life that only come once, but now he had this change for the second time. How he has butterflies in his stomach since we chat and how he knew that this was a precious and fragile situation when he can only count the days until the disaster strikes in. He even admitted that he wanted to find the courage to a) disappear b) act like a fool who just realized that we know each other c) be absolutely honest.

He had no time to decide since my sixth sense and my brutal honesty about my feelings and doubts let him no other choice, but to tell me this.

He even sent me these words from Milan Kundera:

“Chance and chance alone has a message for us. Everything that occurs out of necessity, everything expected, repeated day in and day out, is mute. Only chance can speak to us.

Necessity knows no magic formula – they are all left to chance. If a love is to be unforgettable, fortuities must immediately start fluttering down to it like birds to Francis of Assisi’s shoulders.”

Then he wrote how sorry he was to use my humble trust for a week and trying to seem like he was someone else. He asked for my forgiveness and I forgave him, asking him if he wanted to start a new page and be honest. I still had no idea who he could be. He said he knew that trust can be broken easily and he would rather keep this love story as it has been in the past 15 years. To be magical and unreal, something you can cherish in your heart forever, without letting reality strike in.

I tried to save the whole situation, because i felt that his regret was true and asked him how he would start the conversation if we had the match at this moment in time.

That is when I had the small flame of Tinder light up in the middle of my screen and in a blink of an eye I lost the connection with him forever. He was gone as fast as an app can refresh nowadays.

Maybe I lost my Tinderella chance for happiness not in a form of a glass shoe, but in an empty glass screen of a phone, but the romantic thought of the never happened love story will stay here with me forever.

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