Heartbeat: So What If I Fell…


So What If I Fell...

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So what if I actually fell in love with that guy? How would that “intense liking” of that person increase? I would have probably been happier than what words can express. And if I lost that feeling…

Then I would probably want to die, or at least live without really feeling alive.

Would it be possible to meet him in heaven?

If so, then I would like to tell him how much I missed his kind eyes and soft smile, how much I longed to see his wrinkled eyes and thin smile as he grew old and flat, until his feeble body could no longer hold his beautiful soul.

If so, then I would like to tell him that I dreamed about building a house together with him even long after we had already broken up and taken down all the things we had built together. Our memories crumbled and lay there in my mind like the ruins of an ancient city, but only the two of us had ever lived there, so there wasn’t anyone to remember the days we spent together… Except for me.

“Did you ever remember? Did you ever think of me?” I would ask him.

“No,” he would reply.

I would like to spend an eternity with him after I die, since I haven’t forgotten what it felt like to fall in love, how much my feelings grew until they were all I held inside, how much I lost when he was no longer by my side…
I would like to spend an eternity with him… Or with the man I will love, because he…

He loves some else now, and an eternity is a long time to spend loving someone who already has a wife.
Would it be possible to meet him in heaven?

If so, then I would like to look into his eyes and smile, hoping he recognizes the girl who used to love him, the girl who grew into a woman who was able to fall in love again, the woman who grew old with a man she loved just as much as she used to love him…

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