Heartbeat: The Ultimate Myth: Men and Women CAN be “Just friends” (For Real)

The Ultimate Myth: Men and Women CAN be “just friends” (For Real)

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After the reception my last (and first) story had, which I feel so happy and thankful for, I decided to go for round 2; today’s topic: can boys and girls be friends and just that? I believe so.

Now before I begin I don’t want this to seem radically one sided; as much as I count with a few friendships with members of the opposite sex that have proven to be just that (friendships), I’ve also had the awkward situations in which my guy friend gives me the “we need to talk” followed by his true feelings being laid down on the table. The situation has also been reverse, making me the corny teenage gal with rapid heartbeats for my friend who only sees me as such, a friend.

Recently I’ve gotten pretty close with one of my friends from college, to the point where it seems like we are a married couple, yet we haven’t even touched first base for that matter. Rumors spread, that’s undeniable but in this case it looks like there is every bit of evidence to attest to the fact that there is more than just a friendship here, however this is not the case. I can list all of the things we do with and for each other and at the end of it I will understand if you don’t necessarily believe me, but here it goes:

we text each other pretty much all day every day, know each other better than anyone else (I even have his phone’s password, which he gave me), we go most places together, have met some of each other’s relatives, rely on each other for the bad, and seem to always be there for the good. Granted it looks like all it needs is the title and done! However we have even addressed the situation only to realize we are both happy where we stand, as each other’s brother and sister; someone who won’t judge the other or if we do is only for the best, someone we can text or call at any given time to talk about a problem we encountered that day, the cover story for when someone creepy approaches us at the bar, the plus one for when there are no plus ones available, someone that perfectly exemplifies what a true friend is.

Once again I’m not trying to make this one sided; as I stated before I could also go on and on about guys I treated as friends to the point where I literally pushed them to the dreaded “friend-zone” and even then they had feelings for me, as well as the guys I would always be there for, trying to prove the whole “you belong with me” only to be told flat out we would never be more than just f-r-i-e-n-d-s. Feelings just happen sometimes, whether you want it or not there comes a point where you realize you start seeing a friend as more than that, and there’s nothing wrong with it. I guess my ultimate intention is to find others that can voucher for having an amazing relation with another pal that is strictly just that on both ends; can someone help me end the myth that boys and girls can’t be just friends or am I the only alien that thinks so???

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