I Whisper Words into the Silence You Left Here

I whisper words into the silence you left here

Shared by the reckless romantic.

Do you remember the day when the sun rose with hope and set with regret? Do you remember the day when your doubts fed your fears so much that you rather chose failure? Do you remember how you disappeared into the shadow of your guilt?

I know you do. Because those days stay with you forever. You will replay it like you play an old tune on the over scratched bakelit and you will still know that the end of the song remains the same.

I know you were waiting for this. I know that your eyes are hanging on every word and you want me to open the doors of my mind. You want to sneek in, just to find my thoughts about you. You want to see if you became a part of my story, if I still keep you in my imagination, like a sweet drop of a secret. You want to read my tales and see if they mirror the ones you created about our never happened moments.

Close your eyes now and imagine that over the thick walls of your tower of If, the mistakes and fears, over the angry waves of doubts and hopeless attempts, there is a different world waiting for the braves. Real things are only given to those who dare to try. Make mistakes. Fail. Then try again.

I could be standing on the shore waiting for you on the other side. I could wish for a different end for our song, but you are not the first who tried to lock me into a tower of ifs. I learned that the one I am waiting for, would never let my hand go to hold on to his fear. So I stay where I am, waiting still and I whisper these words into the silence you left here.

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