Heartbeat: Carrie Bradshaw


Shared by somebody88.

I’m in my late twenties and there’s this girl that’s 25.

She’s this girl that I’ve known for a while. She’s really hot, her and her clique remind me of the Sex and the City cast (I’ve never watched Sex and the City but I imagine that’s what they’d be like).

We’ve been friends for a while, maybe just acquaintances. We connect through social media once in a while, message once in a while, but we rarely hang out.

I’ve always been interested in her but never really pursued that interest… I blame being busy with this and busy with that, and a partial fear of being rejected.

Well, one day I decided to ask her out, she agreed, and we’re meeting up soon. One friend advised against it, saying I’d be wasting money and that I was already ‘friendzoned’. I figure, why not give it a try?

Any tips? Advice? Should I just save face and forget the date or go for it?

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