Love at First Sight

love at first sight

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She wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do? As usual she’d been carried along with the flow of things, carried along by the longing to love someone, to hold them in her arms and care for them. To have them look in her eyes and see her own love mirrored back at her. She wanted so desperately to feel so completely loved that it consumed her insides, her waking thoughts, her whole being.
But she wasn’t sure.

It had all been arranged for her over the internet. She’d not met him yet and was not sure if she’d just fall in love with him on the spot or whether it would take a while, like a fire takes a while to catch and would then burn hot and strong. Was she dressed right? Did her apartment, in its sterile cleanliness, match up to what would be expected? Would she have enough to give? That last question she knew she could answer herself – yes, she had enough to give, she had more than enough. But would she feel love?

This would be their first meeting. There had been photos of course, but it’s hard to fall in love with an immobile snapshot. There had been an exchange of statistics, an exchange of what would be expected and of what one could expect. There had been no idle banter, it had all been pretty professional and practical and detached. But she came back to the same question over and over again – would she love him? Would she fall in love with him?

She showered hurriedly, impatient at the length of time it took to dry her hair. She should have gotten it cut last week when she had time. Perhaps it looked better when it was cut? She normally loved her wavy golden-brown locks, how they tumbled around her face and nestled softly against her bronzed skin, ‘framing her face’ her mother called it. But today, she was just overeager to have that first meeting over with – to meet with him for the first time.

She made her way out of the bathroom and dressed in the suit she had laid out the night before. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she changed her mind and quickly pulled off the suit. Too businesslike! Then as she opened her wardrobe and just stared and stared at the rows of expensive clothes hanging there, she stepped back and plonked herself heavily down on her bed. ‘Just breath Jasmine’, she told herself. ‘Just breathe’.

Shakily this time, she pulled a summer dress from the wardrobe. It was not a strappy little thing, it was solid, colourful and hopeful! At least she thought it was hopeful, that was a good thing wasn’t it, for today? Hopefulness, for the promise of love to come?

After what seemed like an age in the mid afternoon traffic, she made it to the building where she’d meet him for the first time. Her legs were a bit wobbly as if her feet didn’t quite fit in her shoes. She was oblivious of the sly glances that passed up and down her body and the thoughts of the men who viewed this beauty as she walked down towards and then passed them. Her thoughts were only of one person today. Today she would meet the love of her life.

She reached the door and opened it. She could see him waiting for her. Her face lit up in a smile and she walked over to where he was.
“Hello you”, she said, “we meet at last.”

As she took her first look at her adopted baby son, her eyes drank in his tiny face, his beautifully formed hands, their miniature fingernails, his little feet.

And she shouldn’t have worried. She loved this little man on sight…..

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