Heartbeat: Dumpee or Dumper

dumpee or dumped

Shared by fullheartfullsmile.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend, or more correctly to put it, suggested we go on a break. I had a lot of emotional maturing to do and felt like I couldn’t do it being in a relationship, as I wanted to develop as an individual before I dragged someone else into it. So I ended it. Two weeks after not talking i was in a worse place than before and got into contact with him again. Only to have him be a dick to me and tell me to go away. Which was fair enough. I tried to explain the situation to him, but he wouldnt have a bar of it. We were best friends and now he wants nothing to do with me. Oh god, as I write this I realise how cliche it sounds. Now I feel like I have been dumped but I should be okay because technically I dumped him. Ehhh i hate this situation and wish I could rewind time.

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