Heartbeat: Does He Even Care?

Does He Even Care

Shared by CollegeGradAndConfused.

It’s coming up on a year since I met an awesome guy who I never thought I would fall for. We seemed like complete opposites, but after getting to know him it became clear that we were really similar. We met in September of 2013 but I had known him, or at least seen him around for a couple years before that.

He was previously in a relationship, engaged to another girl whom he had been dating for about 3 years before she cheated on him. But when he asked me out we clicked instantly and there hasn’t been a single day that we’ve gone without talking to each other at least once, most of the time we even wish each other goodnight.

Everything was really great at first, we hung out all the time, went to dinner, watched movies and cuddled on the couch, but around January he became a little more distant. We still talk everyday but we don’t hang out nearly as often and I never really got an explanation as to why. I found out from a mutual friend that at some point (the exact time I do not know), his ex started texting him and messaging him online telling him “don’t ruin her life like you ruined mine.” Is this why he pushed me away?

I know that he still cares about me because of the way he looks at me, and he still texts me all the time and wishes me goodnight. I want to be closer to him again. I miss hanging out and just being together, but I don’t know how to say that or if that’s even what he wants. I just want a chance to get back to where we were and give us shot. How do I get him back, or do I just let him go?

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