Heartbeat: Strangers with History

favourite hello and hardest goodbye

Shared by Siqixtea. You can find her original Heartbeat stories here and here.

We’ve gone back to being the exact same way that we were before we knew each other, just worse.

I vividly remember how you walked away, I vividly remember how you chose to give up on us, I vividly remember how much you hurt me, I vividly remember how you walk out of the door, I vividly remember how hard I begged you to stay, I vividly remember all the things you said and I vividly remember every single thing.

You walked out of the door, without even closing it. You left me hanging over there without trying to tie the loose ends.

They said people that don’t know how to love will meet someone who know how to love and they will get together. When everything end, the person that don’t know how to love will eventually know how to love while the person who know how to love will end up being afraid to love again and I am the one who end up being afraid to love again.

“You never know how much you love someone until you saw them love someone else”- surprisingly I wasn’t that upset when I saw you fell in love with her. It’s not that I don’t love you at all, it’s just that I’m too numb to even feel anything. However, I don’t know what hurts the most; watching you fall out of love with me or watching you fall in love with her.

You walked out of the door, expecting me to close it myself but somehow, I’m trying too hard to close it that I’m hurting myself all the times. You shut your door towards me but you didn’t shut mine.

They said you will never cherish what you got until you lost them but the truth is nobody ever tell you that even when you cherish, you will still lost them… in love, there’s no right or wrong. there’s only cherish or not however, the truth is the person that’s always cherishing the other party will be left alone all the times.

How does it feel like destroying someone completely? How does it feel like breaking someone’s heart into million pieces? How does it feel like moving on way faster than anyone else? How does it feel like taking someone for granted?

If I ever have the chance to hurt you or break you like how you did, I will never because I will never want you to go through the pain I went through

I miss you but I guess it’s time to cut you off my life completely because you are a toxic.

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