I Want to Fall in Love with a Reader

I Want to Fall in Love with a Reader

A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

I want to fall in love with someone at a bookstore. I want to marry someone’s love for words with my own. To find someone who understands the countless worlds you can travel to in literature. To meet someone who feels the need to touch every book on the shelf, because each has a vigorous influence drawing them in. Someone who believes in the deep nous of wakefulness you sense when you graze a hard cover spine. Someone who innately holds their breath when they open to the first, vulnerable page… As they know full well the possibility the words have to change their lives. Someone who shares in the delight of the sound pages make when they turn. Someone who can melt into the journey when they lift the cover and hear it creak. I want to fall in love with a reader.


I want to fall in love with someone at a bookstore. I want to tour all the places the shelves hold with them. Someone who understands the worry of wanting to consume everything all at once, and the bliss of uncovering something wonderful. Someone who loses themselves between sentences and finds themselves again at the end – changed. Someone who forgets the time with each willowing page while they live in their imagination. Someone who envelopes the sheer inspiration in the tantalizing flow of verses. Someone who praises the delicate art of weaving letters together to birth a story. Someone who embraces the provoking choice of a word, and can stare at a sentence for hours because that’s how much it moved them. I want to fall in love with a reader.


I want to fall in love with someone at a bookstore. Where our eyes would meet between the aisles. Where the faintest smile would immediately appear. Where the realization that our own story just began is instantly known. Someone who discerns that there is forever more to learn and wants to devour it all, syllable by syllable. Someone who appreciates the lives that inspired the passing of chapters. Someone who holds a book as if it was a paragon and has a library in their heart. Someone who would sit on the floor with me discussing metaphors in Catcher and the Rye and talk about the absurd tales of Ernest Hemingway’s life. Someone who lets a book change them and consume them all at once. I want to fall in love with a reader.


I want to fall in love with someone at a bookstore. Someone who embraces the magic of a book in their hands and feels it in their bones. Someone who has words coursing through their veins like poetry. Someone who would touch you with the same delicateness as when they touch a page. Someone who believes in written dreams and the flight it takes you to your mind’s third eye. Someone who gets drunk of emotion, passage by passage. And, someone who has the potential to have that heroic emotion for you. Someone who would look at you as if you were the only book they’d ever have to read again. Someone who wants to read you, slowly, chapter by chapter… never missing a single word. Someone who wants to become part of your truth, and proves it to you with swooning phrases. Because they know the epic love tales and they know what you deserve. Someone who speaks with the wisdom of a thousand learned voices and stirs you to your core. I want to fall in love with a reader.


So reader, meet me at the bookstore, where the happily ever after begins. Because you know a story never finishes at “the end” but lives on in the depths of our minds and the crevices of our hearts. Let’s fall in love at the bookstore, and begin a story of our own… A story worthy of these ever expanding shelves. I’ll find you, one day, in the aisles of a bookstore. And we’ll forever get lost in the words of our souls.

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