Heartbeat: Why I Gave Up on Finding Love: Some Guys Just Don’t Have It

Heartbeat Why I Gave Up on Finding Love Some Guys Just Don't Have It

Shared by fidusjungsturm.

For one, I have very little, if anything in common with most women, and they tend to annoy me more than anything. I am extremely opinionated, argumentative, oppositional and completely self-serving, egocentric and simply does not care about others, only his own success and becoming the best at what he does. My interests are extraordinarily dark and creepy, I present as an emotionally-disturbed schizophrenic with my writings who most people want nothing to do with, has no friends or even acquaintances and spends 18 hours a day in a basement, garage or bedroom writing books and blogging all day, that’s all I do. Now, if you can find a woman that is attracted to that personality, please point her out, because I’ve given up on ever finding love. To further elaborate, aside from my personality that I described in my previous point on this topic, which is completely undateable and impossible to be around for any length of time for most women, I have a form of autism that makes it impossible for me to have productive social relationships. So even if I could find a woman who was attracted to my personality, I wouldn’t be able to keep her interested because of my disability, I show no empathy, I care only about myself and I would rather be alone in every possible scenario, not to mention I really don’t care much for most people at all. They could die, and I probably wouldn’t notice for weeks. That’s not something I can fix, unfortunately. That’s just a result of my disability. So, you have another reason why I gave up on finding love, even though I’m only 24. I enjoy meeting women and there are certainly many women that I admire, both in history and ones I know personally, but I could NEVER get one of them to like me or want to date me, even the ones that share my interests and hobbies, or at least something similar. I’m just not good enough, and I never will be. So now, you know the reason, between my bizarre, defective personality, dark, creepy interests and hobbies, severe social disability and the issues that I will never be able to overcome and just general weirdness, my interests and efforts are best suited for other pursuits. Some guys just don’t have what it takes. I’m just being perfectly honest here. So, there you have it. I have no delusions about this world. It’s just not meant for me.

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