Heartbeat: Forget Me, Not

favourite hello and hardest goodbye

Shared by Siqixtea. You can find her original Heartbeat story here: Heartbeat: Favorite Hello and Hardest Goodbye.

Sometimes memory is just a funny thing… the more you try to remember something, the more you will forget. The more you try not to remember anything, the clearer everything will be.

I’m almost over you. I’m proud of myself that I no longer stalk you, no longer talk about you to anyone unless they bring up the topic first, I’m no longer curious about you.

Though they said absence made the heart fonder, and yes I still love you that much but my mind tell me that it’s time to go. When you love someone, doesn’t mean you have to be with them. 21 days until you enlist, that’s all the time I have in the world to see you before we really part our ways.

I hope you remember I was the one who stood by you when nobody is, I was the one who loved you endlessly and unconditionally, I was the one who were your bestfriend, I was the one who gave up the world for you, I was the one who did everything for you, I was the one… and you? You were the one who ditched me, you were the one who hated me for nothing, you were the one who don’t appreciate me at all, you were the one who took things for granted, you were the one who pull me down when I was trying to protect you, you were the one who screw up yourself.

You were selfish because when I mentioned us exchanging role for a day, you said no because you want to be in power and you don’t want to feel any pain so you rather put me through all these. Why are you forsaking me? Why are you jeopardizing us? Is it because you know I will always be there that’s why you choose to gamble us or don’t give me shit about us? Is it because I’m just a toy to you all along that you even got the cheek to admit it…

Right from the start, it’s wrong of us being together because a friendship end when a relationship start and we are no longer bestfriend anymore…

Deep down, I miss you a lot:(

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