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True Love

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What is true love?


Interesting question given the age of life that we are in. What is it to give a definition? Do we really understand the concept that sustained and balanced this world for over all these years or do we just pretend?

Love is defined in many ways. We say it is kind, forgiving, understanding, selfless and all that. But those are just the attributes or qualities, not the pure definition.


It is a feeling down inside your heart when you know your very existence depends on the other person. A feeling when you feel that you are whole with that person in your life. Even when it gets bitter at times, you hold on to the other person because you know it was meant to be. Love may not be perfect, like you watch in the movies, it has its ups and downs. I mean, what is the vaidity of the concept if it was that easy to be in love and go on with your life. Wouldn’t it loose its importance, if there was nothing to fight for?

We have a lot of teenagers in the time who say they are in love, but lot of them fail to ask this question to themselves. I was talking with a friend of mine who was kind of worried about finding true love and believe me, I’m not an expert, but what I said was, if you think you have found that person – ask yourselves, why? If you have an answer, not an excuse that she is beautiful or has a lot of money – then that is your true love. The kind that you fight for, no matter what. But if you don’t have an answer and all you have are excuses, you need to start communicating and try and get to know the other person and ask yourself that question again.

I’ve seen true love but never experienced it as a person. That makes my voice just an opinion, not an expert opinion. That being said, I hope that I’ll find myself in a position when I’d be asking myself the same question.

Coming back to the true love that I’ve seen, it was like the old times. Actual dates not just random hook-ups. I often wondered, how they still kept that freshness, but then realised true love is not about the physical presence. It has a more deeper mental connection which is an unending bliss. A relationship based on that lasts forever till the end of time. But if the same realtionship is based on a physical factor, the flame tends to burn out. But that doesn’t mean beauty isn’t a factor in love. Beauty might be important but that mustn’t be the only reason. Physical beauty fades away, it the connection of the mind that sustains you in your later years.

I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be in love not just crushing on someone. A mutual feeling, that’s what love is. I’ve really been fascinated by fate and how there’s a bigger plan and the whole world conspires for us to find us that one person. Thought my relationship life is next to zero, I do believe that the universe has begun its conspiracy for me and it’s just a matter of time. Though that makes me feel like a pathetic loser, I’m okay with that as it keeps me going through day and night. It’s just like that song by Michael Buble which is called “Haven’t Met You Yet”.

Now coming to what I think love is and how it should be:
Love is waking up in the morning and realising that you have a reason to live this life. It is going back to bed at night, happy that you have someone to be with the next day. It’s not based on physical relationship but has a deeper meaning to it.
So far I’ve been blabbering about love and what I think about it. I’d like if someone else has something else to share or argue against me. I’m not a person who believes everything I say is right, so please do. So, share your thoughts and opinions below.

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