Heartbeat: Single Mom Dating

Single Mom Dating

Shared by MamTshawe.

So, I went on a casual date Friday night.
Was great. The conversation, very real, easy-going, food was great, spoke until the waitress started loitering around because she was about to go home and the place would soon close.
He kept ‘bouncing’ his knees off my legs, playfully ‘kicking’ me.

Drove me home and we haven’t stopped communicating since.

I think I want to stop, he is great. And I think that is the problem.

I keep asking myself why he would want to bother himself long term with someone with two children.
He is big on family. And on traditional roles, which I am too. Great.
He has no kids.
I just can’t see it happening.
So I shall leave it alone.

Yet, we are totally compatible.

Told him he has a lot of things going for him, that I’m sure he will continue being blessed.
He texted back, to tell me that I have a lot going for me too.
And I agree. I do.

Heard a sermon yesterday, spoke of how we are destined for great things. That what we hope for is just the beginning, that we are destined for things we don’t dare dream of.
Do I dare dream?
I know about speaking positive things out there into the universe; when does it start bordering on delusional?

There’s no conclusion to this.
Just that I think I am backing away from ‘dating’. Because it went too well…

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