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When was the last time you didn’t do something because you were afraid of the reaction you would receive? How many times have you regretted something because it made you feel embarrassed, humiliated, or foolish? How bout this – when was the last time you did something, and even with a little doubt in your mind said to yourself “I don’t give a damn what anyone has to say about it, this is my decision”? I encourage you to mull over these questions. I don’t know if what I’m about to talk about is more prevalent during teenage hood or if it spreads just as widely over the adult population, but I am a hundred percent certain that regardless of its prevalence, it’s an issue. We, as a society based around social media, technology, and the latest gizmos, are complicating the simplicity I so desperately long for.

He didn’t reply to your text until the morning? He must have been doing something behind your back.

She complimented you on your new jeans? There’s no way she actually meant that.

He favourited his ex girlfriend’s tweet? He must still love her. 

Our generation has grown up believing that there are hidden intentions behind everyones’ words and actions; that people aren’t honest; that girls hate girls and that all boys are assholes. We refuse to trust our own judgement, we jump to conclusions, and we see the bad before we see the good. Through all of this, we  make life into this complicated, ugly, disastrous mess, when in all actuality everything is so simple.

Follow your damn heart and be straight up. The guy (or girl) you’re going to marry will be okay with the fact that you told him you didn’t want to be with anyone else but him. We have this ideology in our heads that we’re going to come off “clingy” or “annoying.” Well I have one question for you – when the fuck did confidence become unattractive? It’s about time we focus on who we are, what we want, and who we care about.. and in the meantime, forget all the rest. We are living in a world where texting a guy first is a sin, and speaking up about how we feel makes us “come on too strong.” At the end of the day, this is life and it meant to be hard and it is supposed to make you cry and make you struggle and make you learn. It is beautiful to be vulnerable and it is wonderful to take risks and you are damn well allowed to be nervous and show your soft side and open up and let your walls come crashing down. Life is about chasing people you can’t go a day without thinking about; it’s about looking foolish and looking silly and looking desperate. It’s about doing what makes you happy regardless of what people think and loving who you love and traveling far and wide and telling people how you feel and eating a Big Mac every once in a while and wearing your socks inside out because you frickin’ feel like it.

I am sick of living in a world where loving someone makes you foolish and refusing to go down without a fight makes you desperate. It is time that we are honest with ourselves and with everyone around us. We will only see change if we change ourselves; if we change our ideologies, our standards, our views. It is time we become desperate in all sorts of ways. It is time we become desperate for simplicity.

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