Reader Story: Hope to be Loved

Hope to be Loved

Shared by Amateurreviews.

It’s been almost twenty years since I’m out in the world now, that being how old I am. So far, I’ve never encountered even a crush until I moved to the States for college. I am a dreamy kind of person and I’m a guy who fell for a girl(my first crush and incidentally my best friend now). The first few days after meeting her (not a date, just seeing her) were something that I could never forget. I was running around the campus at nighttime often dancing loosing myself and all that and then that phase ended up with her saying no. Horrible two months after that… It wasn’t like I was in a serious relationship with her, but then I thought, maybe I was… that’s why it hurts…. Fast forward to now… two semesters later… same old me, never been on an actual date because girls turn me down quick, mostly due to my fault because I do come on too strong. My love life is a big zero. I am the kind of guy who likes walks, appreciates music and plays an instrument. I don’t consider myself a handsome person, nor with a good physique. But I know what true love is. I’ve seen it, I’ve not felt it from someone of my age (i mean a relationship), but I know what is. Everyone’s been saying that I’ll find someone… I know I will, maybe… but at the moment, I don’t see a future which isn’t a lonely one. I can see myself having a great life, but with no one to share it with. Maybe it’s just me making up that mirage but I’d thought I’d just share…. To all the lovers out there. Love is important, it holds a very important key – hope. Without which, we would be nothing but machines. Embrace the ones you love and realise how lucky you are to have them. You may not have the perfect person in the whole world, but that person is the best fit for you. Also, true love isn’t what’s physical between you, it’s the mental connection. That’d be all from this lone person with the hope of finding that person who’d change my world.

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