Love Me Tinder?

Love me Tinder

That Girl from That blog. That girl. has sent in her impressions on Tinder. She may be on to something..!! Plead read through.

There are apps for everything… waking you up at a prime time in your sleep cycle, figuring your tip at restaurants, and there is even an app that claims to gauge your sexual performance.

But how about the latest dating app… Tinder. Immature and desperate or genius and helpful?

In my boredom of my summer internship and lame nights at home with the rents I decided to download it… I mean why not? I am up for some awkward conversations with guys trying to swoon me over text enough to accomplish their goal which is probably to get in my pants. (Granted yes that is an assumption, but let’s be real… it is usual true even in person).

In case you are not up on the deal with Tinder here are the high points:

It shows you profiles of people within your area that you set.

You either like the person or dislike them. If you both like each other (based off of 5 photos and a short about me) then you are told that you are a match and you can message each other.

Sounds genius right? You don’t have to worry about the fear of rejection because the person only gets notified of your response if you both like each other. I mean clearly some people think so.

As I flip through and get matched with guys I get the most creative pickup lines (most that deserve silence in response) like this gem:

Love Me Tinder

Ummm…. Can I pick 5?

The problem with these dating apps like Tinder is when does it ever go anywhere? Yeah you flirty text for awhile and you might even get a one night stand out of it if that is what you are going for, but is that really what you are searching for? Are you really going to meet that guy from Tinder?

This right here is the problem for girls and Tinder… Meeting a random guy that we have been awkwardly texting and stalking on social media sites for the past 2 weeks is just not likely. The unknown is what holds women back and with online dating and dating apps there will always be some unknown.

I am on day 3 with my Tinder app and it will probably be the last… I don’t see anyone “loving me Tinder” any time soon. I think I will stick with the bars and blind dates from grandma for now.


That girl.

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