Cemetery of Past Loves

Baroness Bogie sent in this great post exploring past relationships and their potential for revival. Please read through and share your thoughts on this heated subject!

The ending of a relationship is always followed by a period of mourning. This mourning can be so painful that it can feel like death of a life. If you look at it like this it really can be a death; the death of a relationship. Death is out of our hands and it ultimately is an inevitable fate that we will all face. And though some relationships can be saved before their death, many times the loss is out of our hands.

Even if we chose this path is doesn’t make it less painful. The void of that person can linger, that ache that is so deep can last a lifetime for some of us.

The saying we all know so well…

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

…was undoubtedly written by someone who had known both love and the loss of it. Someone who knew both the wonder and devastation that came with it.

Cemetery of Past Loves

Those of us lucky enough to have known that love… are sometimes still left with a loss that can feel as fresh as the day it happened. We have moved on with our lives just like one who experiences a loss does and its only at random do we see or hear something or someone that reminds us of them. While we are reminded, the pain that seemed like a distant memory sears instantly into us as if it was yesterday.

Both in death of a life and in death of a relationship can we imagine how life could have been. What would things be like now? How would they have changed? We will never know. We can only imagine.

Unlike the death of a life, the death of a relationship has a chance of revival. Those fateful words when a life is lost “time of death” cannot be unsaid but like shocks to the heart of a near lifeless body with a relationship there can still be a chance for revival. The real question though, is what are the odds of survival?

Cemetery of Past Loves

Call me crazy but I see an undeniable connection between these two types of death. What I am wondering is if bringing a relationship back from the dead can be successful? I have had friends tell me “They are an ex for a reason.” Yet I have also had friends share stories of young lovers reunited years later in life only to be happier and more in love than they have ever been.

I suppose the answer is entirely subjective based on a multitude of things. What you had in the past, who each of you are today and what you want tomorrow. However if that innate connection still exists many years later and if that spark of love is still there along with two people who want it then why not?

Cemetery of Past Loves

Can the love be revived?

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