Reader Story: My Heartbeat

My Heartbeat

Flippyzipflop has a wonderful heartbeat it seems, please read her story and share your thoughts!

After many severed relationships, seeing the title of this, I HAD to comment.  I have already discovered the hard way that the pieces scattered about are in fact, all the pieces I need.  I don’t NEED to be in a relationship.  No one NEEDS to be in a relationship.  It’s society that says if we’re not in one, there’s something wrong with us.  We are truly all we need.

The reason I felt so compelled to contribute to this, is because (if you look at my page you’ll see) I call my son my heartbeat.  As a single mom for 11 years, to an 11 year old little boy, he is my reason for living.  Granted, it was through a relationship that I got him, but that relationship started to decline before he was even born.  Once he was born, our motto became (and still is) “Me and you against the world.”  He’s reached that stage where he’s starting to ask questions about girls, and I answer him, but I don’t sugarcoat anything.  Girls can be just as cruel as boys.

Right now he’s content with himself, and has no interest in having a girlfriend, even though all his buddies have one.  He’s just not interested.  He says girls gossip too much and boys don’t like that.  He cracks me up.  So, I watch him grow and I teach him all that I can.  He’s comfortable in his own skin and so far doesn’t feel he has to rely on a girl to make him feel complete.  I know this will change in time, and he’ll long for someone to fill that void, but until then, I’ll do my best to teach him independence and individuality, how valuable he is and how strong as well.

Just like everyone else in this big crazy world, he doesn’t NEED a girlfriend.  When the day comes that he announces he has one, I’ll make sure he’s a gentleman and he treats her with respect, as long as he gets the same in return.  But at the end of MY day, it is my son who is my heartbeat.  And I tell him this everyday…

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