Heartbeat: Lost About Love

Lost About Love

KatterinaKapri is lost about love! Can you help her find her way?

I recently have been worried about my relationship with my boyfriend, Jacob. I am not sure if I want to be in this relationship anymore or if I fell out of love; whatever the occasion maybe, I need to figure it out quick, fast and in a hurry.

Me and Jacob, my boyfriend, met on a dating site called “Meet Me.” We started dating in the beginning weeks of December. What attracted me to him was his eyes, those bright blue eyes and his sweet kind of shyness personality was all it took for me to have a smile on my face. After dating a couple of months, I began to say that four letter word with the two other words that we should not say unless we fully mean it, “I love you.”

I meant the “I love you’s” at first, but now, I do not even say them, whether is my boyfriend, a friend or someone other than a family member. I do not know why I do not say “I love you,” but that is beside the point right now. I know he loves me, but do I love him? I mean I do disagree on some of the things he does, such as being on his phone most of the day, always into cars and hot rods, which is Ok, if you need to fix on one, but just for the fun of it, not my type. I told him he was not my type when we first started talking, but he ignored the point and wanted to get to know me anyways – great guy right? Does it really matter on the disagree I have?

Are the disagreements all that matters? What about the things that do matter? What about the things that I do like or adore about him? Well, I do not think the disagreements are all that matters, if that is all that matters in a relationship, we would not be with anyone – it is kind of the same thing as “Men are all the same.” If men were all the same, why do we keep dating, for what benefit?

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