Heartbeat: Longing for Another

Long distance relationships are tough. They’re tougher when you someone sweet approaches you when your partner away. Please read through this story by Dani and help her solve this dilemma.

I’m in love with a man that lives 4,348 miles away. I met him in March of this year when he was studying abroad at my University. For three months, we could not and did not stay away from each other. He was practically living with me by the time he had to go back to Germany. We’d go out almost every night and talk and laugh and drink and dance the night away at the college bars downtown. It was like I was living in a dream. The day I had to drop him off at the MSP airport, I gave him my class ring. We promised each other that we would see the other again. It’s been almost two months since he left. We IM each other every day, and we skype whenever we can. If I could be where he is, I wouldn’t hesitate to drop everything and run. The problem is I can’t afford to visit him in Germany and he’s going to be going back to school this fall.

And then there is this other guy. I’ve been seeing this guy named Ben for a few weeks now. He’s smart, funny, and extremely nice. I don’t feel as strongly about him as the guy that lives 4,348 miles away though. I like him a lot, but I’m not in love with him. However, there is a lot of potential for me to fall for him. I know he would treat me right and that we could be great together, but I don’t want to lead Ben on. He knows about about Germany and accepts the fact that I’ve been wanting to take things slow. I have a feeling he’s going to run out of patience though.

What should I do?

Should I wait for the one I fell in love with? (If we both want it bad enough, it will happen right?) I could tell Ben that I feel wrong spending time with him when I’m in love with someone else.

Or… should I try to forget about Germany and go for Ben? I know he’s always going to be there. He’s totally in love with me and adores me, and he’d probably never leave my side if I let him stay.

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