Labels and Independence

A great feature post by Emma from The Power Lies In Your Words. She’s a talented writer and this piece is sure to get you thinking, please enjoy!

The main issue with labels in a relationship is that they become your identity, and you lose who you are as a genuine human being. Something as simple as a name entails an entire life of history, heartbreak and experience, so replacing that with the term ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ renders all of that time irrelevant. In the current generation, being an individual is a taxing and challenging task, so why not celebrate the fact that one is able to do such a thing at every possible moment? People struggle everyday to believe that they are enough for the world, and in considering this, I’d like to introduce the following quotation:

 “Maybe we are not supposed to find the pieces. Maybe we are the pieces.”

This beautiful quote comes from Peter Sollett’s interpretation of Rachel Cohn’s novel ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’, and it’s one that really places emphasis on the importance of the individual in a relationship, something that is often forgotten.

If “we are the pieces”, then we need look no further than ourselves for everything we need to happy, and I think that’s something that people often tend to forget during relationships. Maybe having to “find the pieces” is a sign that the relationship won’t work out, as it seems more like the chemistry between people would have to be created rather than already existing.

For anyone reading who has currently just experienced a breakup, I strongly urge you to take this quotation to heart. You have and you are all the pieces that you will ever need, always remember that. Maybe you just need to jumble them up a bit and look at the puzzle a different way, but I promise you they will always fit together in the end. For those in a relationship, treasure each and every day with him or her, but please remember that your existence is not dependent on theirs. Always have a bit of time alone for yourself, just to clear your head and make sure that you still remember who you are without someone else there to remind you.

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