Reader Story: Three Guys

Gwenaellely has quite the dilemma. How would you advise her? Please read through and share!

I think about three  guys in particular all the time. I think about this rich, sophisticated Asian man that would call me his, “Princess,”  a chivalrous soccer playing African man that sees me and the world in such a  refreshing and beautiful light and my first love/cheater ex boyfriend who broke my heart. These three men mean more to me than they should. I can clearly state that I love all three of them. So who will I chose? Well, I chose the fucking cheater.

There was something about the cheater that I couldn’t let go. I didn’t think it was the right time to say goodbye. He was my first love and had made a mistake and learned from it. How could I not forgive him? It was so difficult being away from him but because I had the Asian and the African, I felt like maybe I could survive this heartache. Both of these amazing and intelligent men wanted me to be theirs. I know what you’re thinking.. “Why the hell did you go back to the cheater if you had two amazing guys wanting you?!” My only answer to that would be, “I don’t know.” hahah okay that’s a bad answer! I guess because I always thought he was the one for me? I love him, I do. More than my own life! But sometimes I get these sad feelings that I’m wasting my youth with him and I don’t see us staying together forever. I mean we’ve been together since Sophomore year of high school and both have only experienced being with one other person.

Is it selfish of me to say that I want to live one life time with the cheater, another with the Asian and the last with the African?! lol Well yeah.. that’s super selfish! It’s just that, I can see my life with all three of them! That CANNOT be normal right?! I feel terrible thinking it, but I feel like if I posted about it maybe I could get some real thoughts and opinions on what the hell my love life is turning into.

What do you do when you love three men at the same time?

Three Guys

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