Announcements & Happy ID4!

Happy Independence Day! I hope everybody has a great day eating great food, watching fireworks, and being safe! Remember, don’t drink and drive! Also remember to thank all those that have fought for our freedom! Not just in the United States but to those all over the world that fight for freedom.

I’d like to make a few announcements.

  1. Heartbeat User Submissions have been coming in at a much higher and regular pace than before. We will be posting twice every day from now on at approximately 9AM and 2PM PST. Heartbeats and Reader Stories will usually get posted in the morning and articles (Irasia, Feature Posts, Reblogs) will be posted in the afternoon. Please visit often and make sure you don’t miss a great post!
  2. We will be starting a new Feature Posts program! We’ve had some great articles (and more coming up) and would like to continue providing quality content for our readers. If you have a great article, please Share! We will be happy to link back to your own blog for traffic. We’re setting a system to have a short author profile on our website too! So stay tuned 😉
  3., it’s rather long. While this will continue as our main address, we’ve decided to create a shorter one that’s easier for our readers to follow. Unfortunately was taken (dang it First Hawaiian Bank!) so next time you’re visiting us, just type !

Thank you for your support and readership. We really appreciate all our readers and especially those that leave great constructive comments on our stories. Don’t think you’re going unappreciated – although some sharers do not respond to comments, we read every single one. WP also shows us a list of Top Commenters. We’re considering ways to show our appreciation, so please continue to help others! 🙂