Heartbeat: Friendzone or Interest

Here’s a quick Heartbeat story for your Friday. Please read through and let him know what you think!


There is a girl who I am interested in and I (obviously) have no idea if she is interested in me or not. She mentioned another guy, but seemed to actively avoid saying that they were at all romantically involved with each other, even though by stumbling around with the wording she made it extremely obvious that they were involved on some level.

Is the mere mention of another guy enough to know I’m in the dreaded “friend zone?” (I don’t actually dread it that much, if she isn’t into me, that’s fine.) Does the fact that she was trying to cover up her involvement with this guy a sign that she might be interested in me? Or did she just pick up on my interest in her and was trying to avoid the subject in an effort to be nice to me?

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