Reader Story: True Love

One of our readers, newlife4good1957 has shared his story with me and asked that I share it with you. It’s a heart-touching story

True Love

I just wanted to share something if I may. I recently lost my wife to cancer, we got married after only knowing each other for a couple of weeks, that was in August of 2012, in October of that same year we found out she had stage 4 uterine cancer, an extremely rare type, less than one percent of all cancers reported.

My wife and I met on a website called Christian Mingle. I had been married a couple of times before, she had not been married at all, meeting someone online was a new experience for both of us. I had married in the past based on more the physical than the person as a whole, which I usually regretted because in the long run, if you cant really communicate, you have a hard time building a relationship.

Well the first thing I noticed about her profile was that she had a masters degree, so I figured she out to be interesting. I was actually a bit intimidated cause I have college experience, but I figured, the worst that could happen was not interested, so I took a shot.

We hit it off right from the start, our emails turned into mini novels, so after a couple of weeks of email and phone calls, we agreed to meet.  I was nervous and so was she, the first thing I noticed was her smile, it just lit up her whole face, then i saw she had beautiful dark red hair. We clicked instantly. we talked for hours and we both felt it, it was so clear to us it was like a scene in a movie, I know that sounds corny but its true.

We were married a week later, that was in August, in October we found out she had stage four cancer. We had less than two years and most of that was fighting the cancer, but she always managed to smile even before she went, I’ll never forget that she was slipping away we looked at each other, she could no longer speak, I told her it’s OK you can sleep now and she closed her eyes, I would do it again if given the chance. knowing her and going through that with her has changed me forever, and for that I am thankful.

Anyway the reason for my writing, is just to let you know that it is possible to love deeply in a short time. she was my true love, and I had been married a couple of times before.

So I guess all I am saying is that you can find real honest love, but when you do, hold on tightly with both hands…

Love comes at the most unexpected times to the most unexpected people. People who have loved, sincerely, would all agree that it is better to have loved and lost than to have had nothing at all. To be loved by someone you love is surprisingly a rarity, and appreciating it while it’s there would be the best you can do.

Thank you for sharing your story.