Murphy’s Law (of Love)


First, you meet someone who treats you like you mean the world to him. You don’t know that you have it so good, so you take everything for granted.

Then, you lose it and regret that you didn’t know any better.
Next, you promise yourself that you won’t make the same mistake again, and instead will really put effort into it.

But things you took for granted were never a given. Not everyone is so nice.
You try really hard to be good. You endeavor to never make the same mistakes again.
You love like you’ve never been hurt.
But like always, Murphy follows you and trips you over.

You meet someone who treats you bad, throws out words that slice you open, you eventually bleed out all kinds of faith and love, and you’re hollow inside.
You’re scared; scared of trust, love, faith, commitment, and promises that were never kept.
So you just decide not to love or trust anyone wholeheartedly.
The cycle repeats and you stab others with the bitterness that your last love left.

You know that it’s wrong. You know that it hurts. Of all the people, you really (should) know how much words can hurts.
You subtly yet proudly call yourself a pragmatic dreamer, acknowledge your guilt and shame, but rarely act upon the pangs of consciousness.
But you see, you’re not the culprit here; you’re actually the victim, or so you say to defend yourself.
And the pain that you cause on others is always explainable, right?
The first step you need to take is, empty out your heart of any remaining pieces of the past, both the good and the bad.
Then try to stop being so scared.

Look next to you.
He will not hurt you.
He will still be here.
He’s been here.
He’s been so patiently waiting.
He’s here right now.
The effort that he puts in, the sweet words that he whispers, and the eyes that show such sincere sincerity cannot be a lie.

I will appreciate it.
I will not take it for granted.
I will be thankful.
I will love, again.