Lyrics and Love



Lyrics and Love

Have you ever wondered what happens after a love song ends?

I’ve always wondered why there are more sad love songs than happy ones. Maybe when you’re happily in love, there isn’t time to sit around to enjoy songs. You’d rather be with him/her doing nothing and everything, possibly making your own lalala’s. It’s when you’re heartbroken, and it feels like the end of the world when you start to understand the emotion behind songs. The lyrics seem to cry out your sadness, and honestly you can’t deny that you’re secretly enjoying the nudging/poking/stabbing feelings.

1. After the boy desperately professes his love for her, telling her how much he longs for her love,
asking for her hand with no apparent vain.
Does she ever fall in love with him?
Does he fall out of love shortly after?

2. The relationship falls apart and she is left alone feeling lonely and miserable.
She reminisces about the blissful time she had with him.
But once again, she realizes she’s a second too late; they’re over.
Do they ever get back?
Does she get past her vanity to tell him how much she misses him?
Is he as heartbroken as she is?

As much as I would love to believe in the optimistic happily-ever-after, my experiences tell me that relationships that failed once can easily fail again for the same reason.

If you’re currently going through a breakup, enjoy it. I know it sounds masochistic, but really enjoy it while it’s happening. Use your emotions to write, draw, plan, or simply sulk. I feel like most of my best writings were written at times of my worst of breakups. Use these overflowing emotions to understand lyrics, books, and people and soak in your sadness. So when time passes by (I promise, it does) and love knocks on your door again, you’ll have drained out all your past love’s remains and will be ready to welcome a sweeter, better, happier relationship.