Heartbeat: Obesity and Physical Attraction

Dear Readers,

A young fellow reader shared her story with me so that she could gain some insight from other readers.

Please read through and provide your feedback. It looks like she could use your help and support!

Obesity and Physical Attraction

Yo, my name’s Mariah. I’m sixteen years old, female, and currently residing in northeastern Tennessee.

My girlfriend—whom we’ll call J for the sake of anonymity—is seventeen years old, female, and currently residing somewhere in California.

J and I have only been dating for a couple days, but we’ve known each other for three years. We met on the internet.

Yeah, I’m well-aware of what kind of story this sounds like, but just hear me out, alright?

I’ve had a major crush on J since a week after we met. She’s everything I want to be: strong, funny, caring, selfless. We recently reunited on facebook and I somehow found the courage to tell her my feelings.

But here’s the thing—J’s obese.

She’s five foot eight and weighs somewhere around two hundred fifty or above. I’m five foot four and I weigh one hundred five.

It’s not that I’m not attracted to her. She doesn’t repulse me. It’s just.. I’m not attracted to how she looks. It does nothing for me—in fact, it turns me off faster than a bucket of cold water.

Her personality, though? Sets me on fire.

The reason I’m sending this email is because I still need support. I’m growing up in a household and a world where obesity is commonplace. I look around and it’s everywhere. Eight yr/old kids are struggling to keep up with their peers due to the saturated fat clogging their arteries; the shadows of laziness follow them around, relentless in pursuit.

That being said, I’d love to know if anyone else has been/are in my shoes. Stories of experiences with chubby lovers would be greatly appreciated. I feel like the worst person in the world for being bothered by this :/

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Obesity and Physical Attraction