Heartbeat: The Implants

Heartbeat: The ImplantsHere’s another story from a guy. Sounds like he’s fallen in love! How do you interpret her actions?

I’m a healthy 25 year old guy.

I have a friend that I’ve known for 9 years. We’re so close that sometimes I’ll crash at her house and we’ll sleep on the same bed (no sex) because she lives in the city. When we sleep, there’s no making out. Sometimes we’ll be in just our underwear and cuddle because it’s cold, but absolutely nothing more. We’ve never even kissed.

The thing is though, this friend of mine is really, really hot. She always has guys in Lamborghinis and Bentleys picking her up. Because she’s so hot on a totally different level, I’ve never even considered asking her out and we’ve just been friends.

This girl has one flaw though. She’s super hot but she’s pretty flat chested. She was always self conscious about that.

Then one day, this girl showed up with a huge rack. She got implants.

The problem was that on the first day we met after she got her implants, she unbuttoned her one-piece dress and asked me to feel them. She wanted me to feel them to see if they felt real or not.

Do girls let their friends touch their boobs?? Even if they’re really close? I’m still a guy!

Well she insisted pretty strongly so… I got a feel. That’s when I first thought, “Dam, I want this girl.”

We’ve been friends with no hidden intentions or feelings for each other. Why would she ask me to feel her boobs then?

Does she have feelings for me? Should I ask? Should I tell her how I feel?


Heartbeat: The Implants


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