Reblog: Men and Glam de Zoo

managing_sex_love_relationships_marriage_and_intimacyAre men intimidated by successful women? I came across this post recently by Glamdezoo. They’re a wonderful team from different parts of the world, and they shared an interesting perspective of how successful women are sometimes left single, and are wondering why.

Please read and share your thoughts!


Since I am a young, single professional living in a big city, naturally, dating process is a big part of my daily routine. Sometime dates with young, single (or not so single – SIGH!) men can be a thrilling and interesting experience, sometimes – just interesting, and sometimes you  come home after your another date and start thinking: Maybe is it time to stop dating?

Anyway, we cannot live without men and this is a never-ending topic so since now, time to time, we will share our ideas, experience and thoughts on this one.

vintage-love-844opqttl-140906-500-652_largeI am a girls’ girl. In sense that I am much more into friendships with girls than men. I guess, now I will be announced as a heretic, but, to be honest, I am not a big believer of a pure and platonic friendship between man and woman. Maybe I haven’t been lucky enough to find a guy friend but so far all my friendships with men have ended up in two way: either with sex or the end of friendship. Or at least it is always this weird tension. Of course, this is just my weird experience. Anyway, although I do not have a lot of friends, all my besties are woman.

And they all are amazing (gee, just take a look at Glam de Zoo team!). But I do not say that because they are my friends, not at all! Every time when we go out they are always in the centre of attention: compliments, phone numbers, drinks and so on! BUT! Although none of them cannot complain about the low number of admirers, the most part of them are still single.

Young, successful, amazing, interesting, intelligent and single? Why?

I start thinking: do men still feel intimidated of successful women? Or maybe it is just another feminine excuse as “You are too good for him!” but the real reason is completely different?

I heard bazillion of stories when a guy keeps telling how amazing, interesting, intriguing the girl is but he ends up with not so intriguing or amazing one OR he is just never ready to take these relationships to the next level. When I am in this type of situation or when I listen to them, I get furious: do men really want to settle with something easier, although the fruits will not be so sweet?

I refuse believing that! I want to remain in my little world where men are the stronger sex and they are born to be hunters and not to be hunted.

I really want to here you opinion on this one:

Girls, have you been in this kind of situation?

Guys, are you bored of blood rushing hunt and what you really want is a comfy food and microwave?

Looking forward to it!



You can visit the original blog post here: Men and Glam de Zoo