Is the Grass Really Greener?


Shared by zombiedrew2 “ Are you content? Is your life “enough” for you? Content. Enough. In North America, those words seem to have taken on a negative connotation. It’s almost like we should never… Continue reading

I am a Woman


Shared by Rachel W. “ I am a woman in love with a man, You are the man I love. I am a woman who fights affection, You are the man who hasn’t given… Continue reading

Heart Break Learn to Love Again


Shared by Victoria KAY. “ I was in love and it all fell apart before my eye’s. I’m a sap for falling for someone, for love , romance, togetherness, date night, passionate sex and… Continue reading

Why Does the Truth Hurt?


Shared by our awesome Featured Writer, One Gentleman. ” Imagine if the law prohibited you from telling anything but the truth. Would you be able to accept real answers to your questions, or would you refrain… Continue reading

Lunar Love


Shared by Spenser Lushin. “ Finding true love is like landing on the moon. only a handful of footprints are embedded in the white lunar dust on the moon. My spacesuit is cracked, mangled,… Continue reading

Love is a Place for You and Me


Shared by Diana Marcos. “ Love. Do you know that there is a special place just above the sky that is designed especially for the two of us? A place where the oceans meet… Continue reading



Shared by Abriami. “ Every morning, rushing over to school leaving behind a half-eaten breakfast, a breezy journey with recollections of what happened the previous day and high expectations of what could happen that… Continue reading

Five Ways for a Widow to Sabotage Dating


Shared by Bonnie Drew. “ If you’re a widow, when is the best time to start dating again? Being a widow, where do you find potential dates? How do you handle new relationships if… Continue reading

You Are You


Shared by Kitty Poncet. “ Love is that feeling you get when you realize a connection is truly going in the right direction and bettering the both of you in a warm and tingly… Continue reading

Not OK


Shared by 8575309. “ Last time I in this town, in this hotel where the rooms are all the same, I was high on us. A little nervous, a little scared. Now, I wish… Continue reading

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