Where you’ll find those memories


Shared by timelessneek ” Sometimes there will be moments when you come across a certain place and it takes your breathe away. Not because the place is particularly beautiful or stands out, but… Continue reading

Relationships and Possession


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” I read a fair number of relationship articles and blogs, and one thing that I see again and again is that women don’t like it when men… Continue reading

Accepting influence


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” When it comes to relationships, there are many do’s and don’ts. Some are obvious, such as be kind to your partner and show them affection, or don’t… Continue reading

I feel like I should’ve


Shared by An Over-thinker Secret Romantic ” Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve; these are some of the most common words I hear from so many people when they look back with regret to certain situations… Continue reading

To the man who led me on


Shared by soinessence ” It’s ironic that we can be as self-deprecating as we like and still find a way to be the victim in a bad situation. It took me a long… Continue reading

Presence vs Absence


Shared by anonymousdiariesofmine ” His scent. I can still smell it on my shirt. I keep smelling it and it feels so good that I want him right now, next to me. I… Continue reading

Power and control


Shared by our Featured Writer, zombiedrew2 ” Power and Control. Two things you don’t ever want to think about in a relationship, but at the same time they are things that affect EVERY relationship.… Continue reading

Girl & Guy Versions of Friendship & Dating


Shared by Chibimoekko ” First Impression Guy: You see a girl and you think, Hey, she looks cute. You approach her to introduce yourself and proceed to drop some of what you believe to… Continue reading

The Wedding


Shared by Ufuomaee ” The hall was gloriously decorated with colourful, sweet-smelling flowers and alight with spotlighting and grandiose chandeliers. Gold and purple drapes and ribbons were beautifully spread around the grand space, and… Continue reading

At least I loved


A beautiful featured post by Katie Wilhelm ” And though I fell into a thousand pieces, shattering on the concrete, with the beautiful parts of me hidden in every crevice of my existence, at least… Continue reading

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