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Reader Story: An Open Letter to an Ex-Boyfriend


Shared by atomisms. “ To my friends and family, to those who care about me, this has been a long time coming. I am happy. And I am healthy. But I have to… Continue reading

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The Silent Treatment


Shared by Colin Corcoran Jr. “ I know, you don’t even want to talk about this one. Seems like every marriage endures it share of these at times and they’re not always bad… Continue reading

Heartbeat: In Love With Someone Else: The Truth


Shared by agatewood6704. See her original post: Heartbeat: A Cry 4 Help, The Truth (Express Yourself) “ O Wow! I don’t know where to begin…. I guess I will start form the beginning.… Continue reading

An Open Letter


Shared by imperfectant. “ I loved you. I’m not sure whether I still do, but I’m sure I did at a point, and I did with every fiber of my being. You brought… Continue reading

Share Your Listicle with FHB for $100!


Originally posted on The Fickle Heartbeat:
There are truly some great writers in the WordPress community and thanks to those writers, we’ve been able to feature some great posts on The Fickle Heartbeat.…

Heartbeat: A Long Way Down


Shared by Scarlett Jones. “ Picture this: 17 years of being best friends, always being teased about being a couple, and finally doing something about it – what could go wrong? Well, let… Continue reading

Dimly-lit Love


Don’t be afraid to be the one who loves more But also, Don’t be quick to trust However, when you find yourself starting to, Trust sincerely Loving someone should grow you to be… Continue reading

Reader Story: What Happened to Forever After!


Shared by LilPhilosopher, one of our star readers and commenters. “ It was a brisk Fall Evening, when we first met. As most romances start, these days anyway, we met online. We were… Continue reading

The Fallacy That Nice Guys Finish Last (2/2)


Shared by One Gentleman. Read Part 1. “ Nice guys do not finish last. Regardless how much you try to force yourself into believing this concept, nice guys don’t finish last. We previously touched… Continue reading

Heartbeat: A Cry 4 Help, The Truth (Express Yourself)


Shared by agatewood6704. “ I been with my husband for ten years, married for three. I thought this love right here, was meant to be. I thought it would last forever. I thought… Continue reading


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